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Avon Metals specialises in the following forms of Tantalum: -


> Electron Beam melted (EBM) Tantalum ingots - from EICC approved sources

> Electron Beam melted (EBM) Tantalum ingots - from recycled (scrap based) sources

> Tantalum scrap for melting - solids, spent sputtering targets, turnings, sheet, capacitor pins, grey anodes

> Tantalum scrap for refining - coloured anodes, top hats, TaW sludges ex-Rhenium recyclers, furnace parts, skulls

> Tantalum alloys - TaW 90/10, TaW 97/3

> Tantalum Oxide - Ta2O5


All of our Tantalum products are guaranteed by us to be conflict-free.