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Titanium TG90/TG100/TG110/TG120/TGTV sponge & briquettes


Silicon Metal - 553, 441, 2202, 3303 & polycrystalline grades


Rhenium Metal Pellets/Ammonium Perrhenate (APR)


Aluminothermic & High Purity DDB Chromium Metal


Tungsten Sintered Bar/Tungsten Carbide Scrap


Electron Beam Melted Tantalum & Niobium


High Purity Nickel, Cobalt & Molybdenum


CP Zirconium & Hafnium Crystal Bar


Electrolytic Manganese Flake


Nickel Niobium Master Alloy


Nickel Boron Master Alloy


Nickel Vanadium Master Alloy


Nickel Magnesium Master Alloys


99.9% Magnesium Ingots


Indium metal


Gallium Metal (3N-4N)


Germanium metal - optical grade


Selenium Powder


Tellurium Metal

Turbine pano

Minor Metals



• Materials for vacuum deposition


•Fuel cells

•Chemical industry

•Manufacturers of permanent magnets


•Energy Servers / interconnectors

•Research institutes


•Glass industry

•Implant manufacturers

•Optical industry

•Powder metallurgy


•PVD and CVD users

•Welding electrodes

•Solar modules

•Special alloys


•Manufacturers of stationary gas turbines

•Super-alloys (high-temperature alloys)

•Target manufacturers

•Engine manufacturers


•Protection against wear

•Pre-alloys (master alloys)