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Avon Metals is an important trader of the following forms of Chromium: -


Aluminothermic (AT) Chromium metal lumps - up to 99.4% purity

High Purity Chromium Metal Double Degassed Briquettes (DDB) - 99.7% min. purity

Electrolytic Chromium Flakes - degassed and undegassed - up to 4N (99.99%) purity excluding gases

Low Carbon Ferro Chromium lumps - superalloy grade

Chromium spent Sputtering Targets - 2N (99%) to 4N5 (99.995%) purity

Chromium Powders - Aluminothermic and Electrolytic grades in a range of purities and mesh sizes

Chromium-Aluminium & Aluminium-Chromium master alloys

Chromium Carbide - Powder

Chromium Oxides - Yellow (tanning), Green (pigments and glass)