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Avon Metals specialise in manufacturing high grade aluminium casting alloys, usually low Iron primary based.


Our high integrity alloys are used in a wide range of applications, including aerospace and automotive, and are produced to all major UK & International standards including BS 1490. Alloys can also be tailored to in-house  customer specifications.



LM Series including LM0, LM2, LM4, LM6, LM9, LM25


AA Series including A356, A357, B356


Aerospace Specials including A201 with Silver, C355, P354


MSRR Rolls-Royce alloys including MSRR 8009


Formula 1 & Indycar Specials



Aluminium-Silicon alloys can be supplied with Strontium, Titanium, Cobalt, Beryllium, Antimony, Molybdenum, Zirconium & Vanadium modifications if required.


Avon Metals ingots can be packaged in a variety of bundle sizes, wrapped and banded to suit.


Please contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you.

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Aluminium Casting Alloys