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Each year, Avon Metals manufactures 15,000 metric tonnes of primary & secondary (scrap) based aluminium alloys from our site in the UK.


Our melted aluminium alloy product range includess the following: -


Aluminium based Master Alloys

For producers of aluminium foil, sheet, aerospace plate, extrusion, slab, bar, billet, beverage can stock, forgings.


Aluminium Grain Refiners

For producers of primary and secondary aluminium alloys, alloy wheel makers.


Aluminium Casting Alloys

For producers of automotive castings (cylinder heads & blocks, wheels, brake calipers), aerospace castings, lost wax investment castings, pressure die castings.


Ferro Aluminium

For producers of low-melting point steel.



For producers of steel, stainless steel and superalloys.

Aluminium Alloy Product Range

Aluminium Alloys